Welcome in the industry!

Launch your first business, expand and overrule the world! Compare yourself with the rest of the world in the leaderboard!

This is the first ever tycoon game with rewards on the WAX Blockchain.

Start earning and play for free today!

Income (Rank: #{{ leaderboardPosition > 0 ? + leaderboardPosition : '-' }})  / sec
{{ getMetaData(building).name }} (Level {{getUserBuilding(building).level}}) (Not owned)
/ {{ ((getUserBuilding(building) ? getUserBuilding(building).productiontime : building.productiontime) / 1000).toFixed(2) }} sec
{{ getMetaData(building).desc }}
Permanent Upgrades

Upgrades are permanent, you will not lose them when you prestige.
They can be bought with GEMs and are here to give you an advantage on your next run!
Buying upgrades with WAX automatically buys the GEMs using wax.world

{{ getUpgradesData(upgrade).name }} {{ getUpgradesData(upgrade).modifier }}
{{ getUpgradesData(upgrade).desc }}
{{ upgrade.price }}

Abilities are one time use only.

Reset Progress (No GEM rewards)
Ooops, I did it again. I ducked up!
If you get stuck use this to reset your game.
You keep all permanent upgrades, but your businesses will be destroyed.
#1 #2 #3
#{{ pos }}
{{user.username}} ({{ user.user }}){{user.user}}
{{ numberWithCommas(user.income.div(1000).toFixed(2)) }} / sec {{user.prestiges}} Prestiges
What are GEMs?

GEMs are a in-game currency that you can earn by getting to the top of the leaderboard!
If you are in the top {{global.prestigeranks || ''}} (this number will be increased as we get more players) of the leaderboard, you will see the option to prestige.
Your progress and all your buildings will be destroyed when you prestige.
As a reward you will get GEMs which you can use to unlock upgrades or swap for WAX.

We are working on integrating WAX.WORLD here.
In the mean time you can buy and sell GEMs directly on WAX.WORLD
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Feedback & Contact
For help, suggestions and feedback you can reach us using these:

Telegram - t.me/waxtycoon
Twitter @waxworld5
Keybase @waxworld
Email waxdotworld@gmail.com